Diluting Waterless Car Wash Concentrate

Many of the automotive detailers and enthusiasts we work with opt to buy our popular waterless car wash in concentrated form. Unlike the RTU (ready-to-use) product, the concentrate dilutes 1:10 with water. In other words, you need to take 1 part concentrate and add 10 parts water for a total of 11 parts. We’ve listed out some of the most common dilutions below to help save you the guesswork.

For simplicity’s sake we’ve rounded some numbers up or down slightly as a little rounding does not affect the performance of Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash.

  • 24 oz. RTU – pour 2.25 oz. (4.5 tablespoons) concentrate into 22 oz. water
  • 32 oz. RTU – pour 3 oz. (6 tablespoons) concentrate into 29 oz. water
  • 1-gallon RTU – pour 11.5 oz concentrate into 116.5 oz. water
  • 5-gallons RTU – pour 59 oz. concentrate into 581 oz. water
  • 55-gallons RTU – pour 640 oz concentrate into 6400 oz. water

You may find that as you get into diluting larger volumes of product it is easier to actually weigh out the product rather than measure. Here are those dilutions for your reference:

  • 5-gallons RTU – pour 3.8 lbs concentrate into 38 lbs water
  • 55-gallons RTU – pour 42 lbs concentrate into 417 lbs water

So, now that we know the exact proportions, how do we go about actually filling and mixing the product in the most efficient manner? Here are some handy tools to assist along the way:

1) funnel
2) empty bottle/container
3) water source (distilled or tap)
4) drum pump (optional for pumping from 55-gallon drums)

The basics needed for diluting.

Steps to diluting Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash Concentrate
1) Shake Waterless Car Wash Concentrate well. If the product has been sitting for some time a bit of separation would be expected.

Shake bottle well.
2) Fill your primary vessel (bottle or drum) with water.

Fill bottle with water.
3) Pour/pump out appropriate amount of concentrate.

4) Pour concentrate into water and shake well. If you’re diluting into a smaller container you’ll find the funnel is handy and won’t waste product.

Photo1 (3)

Now that the product is mixed together you’re ready to start cleaning! Make sure to seal and cover the mixed product in a climate controlled area for best results.

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